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Strong Willed and Energetic, the Comedic Ingenue who's Unconventional and Wild

I'm so glad you stumbled onto my page! I am an artist who hails from Canada, but I am constantly seeking opportunities to travel the world. I am currently back in Canada after graduating from Long Island University with a BFA in Musical Theatre and am now based out of my living room (thank you COVID).  My career started as Kid Four in a small production of Dear Edwina, back in middle school, and I have been performing ever since.

I am an avid creator and am passionate  about bringing new voices into the world in the hopes that it will inspire some change.

I am an artist who believes that theatre and film have the power to change the world around us and I hope to be a part of that change.


When I'm not performing catch me planting trees and saving the bees.  I also love music and play the piano, clarinet, and harmonica! 



Astoria Film Festival 2021


CONTAGIO(US) has been accepted into the Astoria Film Festival for 2021! This being the first film Lucy had the pleasure for working on, she is super excited that more people are getting the chance to see it.

The film festival has an online event and an in person.  Click the link to find out more info --

If you want to read more about the film itself, visit our website:







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