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Strong Willed and Energetic, the Comedic Ingenue who's Unconventional and Wild

Lucy hails from the land of maple syrup and hockey, otherwise known as Toronto, Canada. After graduating from Long Island University in New York, she moved back home with a BFA in Musical Theatre to start her career.

Even though she graduated in the height of a global pandemic, she still made the best of it by starting to form roots in both the theatre and film/television industry.

In theatre, she performed in the coveted 

show C-O-N-T-A-C-T, was #25 in Sarah DeLappe's THE WOLVES and is now prepping to be a part in a new children's opera entitled FROG SONG with Here For Now Theatre Company.

In film/television, she has worked on multiple indie and network shows.  One film in particular, SWEATY, has premiered at multiple film festivals across Canada and the USA. Lucy won 'Best Actress' for her performance in SWEATY at the Portland Comedy Festival. 

She is represented by Lindsay Scrivener at The Bella Agency.

When not performing, she can found volunteering at local, environmental 

grassroots organizations and finding every excuse to use her Ontario Provincial Parks Pass with her dog.

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PCFF Spring 2022-Best Acting Performance Award Winner- Sweaty .jpg

Best Actress - SWEATY

Portland Comedy Film Festival 

Lucy WON the award for BEST ACTRESS for her role as CHELSEA in SWEATY at the Portland Comedy Film Festival. 

She is so thankful for this honour and is excited to see how well SWEATY is doing in the film festival circuit.